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for us to -- to build a support structure, because you know it was some what lacking on campus at that point. so we fog yerd no one else is going to help us. why don't we kind of get together and help ourselves. >> loans, you know, grants. cal grant. pell grant. you name it. i applied for it. djing on weekend. my family, my mom, sisters, brothers, would send me money. >> they didn't have a car to give him. so he had a bike. they bought him a bike. so every time it rained, my mom would -- she would say he is getting wet. he is getting wet. so that makes me kind of emotional because he was getting wet. and then afterward my mom cried. they got him a car. >> there were strong consequences for us if i failed in school. if i failed in school, the consequences were i would go back in the fields. and it scared the living day lights out of me. [ speaking spanish ] >> my dad always told me -- you are the girl. you are not going to go to school. so i had that in my head since i was a little girl. that i was never going to go to high school. and i was never going to go to the university.
as he reaches the line of scrimmage. it will be third down. that will take us just shy of the two-minute warning. >> cris: these players like wearing all of the pink stuff too, don't they? it's a good thing, too. all of the braes cancer awareness month. we should recognize the ladies. how many times do we talk to them and they all have stories about their mom and what they have done for them. women are watching the nfl in record numbers now. so a tribute to the ladies. well done. >> al: you bet. third and seven. a penalty. haven't had a one of those in a while but a ton early in the game and most of them were killers for the texans. >> referee: this is the two-minute warning. >> al: all right. got a flag, jeremy. we are going to commercial anyway. two minutes. green bay by 18 on their way to get back to .500. . >> al: the wendy's postgame report is coming up shortly. michele will be on the field, i suspect. probably interviewing somebody who threw six touchdown passes tonight. just a guess. bob and tony and mike will break it down and a look ahead to the steelers and bengals. cris
of understood what they were going to try to do to us. the early success was tough and try to get them off the field. after that, we got our gaps right and able to win the game. >> michele: they have a huge offensive weapon in a.j. green yet you held them to pretty much nothing all night. how was that done? >> ike followed him all around and coach lebeau gave us calls we could have guys on top of them and jamming him at the line and safeties over the top and gave us opportunities to make plays and deter andy from throwing him the ball. >> you come in here 2-3 and now even at 3-3. you get a win on the road finally. >> that's right. >> michele: what does this win do for you guys? >> it's big. our first road win and division game and huge. put us in the hunt. a lot of teams at 3-3 going into this week. only two teams boof .500 so right in the race. >> michele: ryan, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> first road win of this season for the steelers as noted. they are 18-4 in cincinnati since 1991. we welcome in tony dungy from new york. your reaction to tonight's game. >> bob, we don't alway
the sailors fit at sea. we're gonna dance a hornpipe and we want you to dance with us. here we go. off to the seven seas for a wonderful hornpipe. ♪ a sailor went to sea, sea, sea ♪ to see what he could see, see, see ♪ all that he could see, see, see ♪ was the bottom of the deep blue sea, sea, sea ♪ a sailor went to chop, chop, chop ♪ to see what he could chop, chop, chop ♪ all that he could chop, chop, chop ♪ was the bottom of the deep blue chop, chop, chop ♪ a sailor went to knee, knee, knee ♪ to see what he could knee, knee, knee ♪ and all that he could knee, knee, knee ♪ was the bottom of the deep blue knee, knee, knee ♪ a sailor went to sea, chop, knee ♪ to see what he could sea, chop, knee ♪ and all that he could see, chop, knee ♪ was the bottom of the deep blue sea, chop, knee ♪ bottom of the deep blue sea, chop, knee. ♪ all: hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey! hey, everybody, anthony's gone to investigate some wacky, crazy sounds. everybody, i love cows. do you like cows? they're wonderful. they give us milk and they moo a lot. have a listen to thi
is an automatic first down. >> referee: illegal use of hands. hands to the face, number 95 defense. five-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> al: that is the way you get to a first down off a second and 37. >> cris: martez wilson. man, oh, man. what a bizarre ending to this one. martez wilson right in there is where that happened. here he comes right at you. hands to the face. good call. >> al: from second to 37 to a first down. to give san diego life. still 67 yards away. 1:30 and have all of their time-outs. and rivers will throw and that is ronnie brown and brown will spin his way for a first down. stays inbounds. >> cris: ronnie brown has some nice open-field moves. he has made people miss consistently on this drive. may want to try to get him the ball a little more often. >> al: chargers elect to keep all of their time-outs but taking a lot of time off the clock here. and now a conference with cheffers. because did he pick up the first down is the question. it was first down. it was -- now he looks at it. yeah, 11-yard gain so, obviously, it's a first down but there's some questio
. guys were rested and corrected some things that were giving us trouble throughout the first two games and really came out offensively and defensively and special teams, i thought, pretty much played a complete game. >> michele: this was your fifth consecutive game with 300 yards passing which i'll note is a broncos franchise record and when you consider elway played here that is something. how far have you come in these seven games? >> i think our team has come far, especially offensively as far as what i'm doing every day. the receivers i have a better rapport with them and offensive field with what plays they like. willis and ryan did a great job running the ball and opened up passing lanes. i think the team is maturing and hopefully, we will keep it going. >> michele: you mentioned demaryius thomas standing next to you. you're getting in a groove with all of your receivers. >> these guys are very talented. the more situations we are in the more we should improve. demaryius played great tonight and sure am proud of him. >> michele: congratulations. >> thank you. >> michele: the rece
with the parade of ships as vessels from the u.s. navy and u.s. coast guard came under the golden gate bridge and into the bay. that was followed by the air show at 12:30, including some impressive of air ak crow bat icks. spectators were also wowed by a b-2 stealth bomber. the weather cooperated beautifully, viewing was clear as can be and not al at all hindered by the fog as in the case in years past. >> just makes you really proud to be an american and san franciscan and to be out here, just -- i just got shivers. just beautiful. great day. >> the planes are awesome. it's a great time, a lot of people out here. it's really fun. good times. >> reporter: and fleet week is a joint tradition between the navy, marine corps and coast guard and a chance for the public to see the military vessels and aircraft on display. the air show wraps up at 4:00 so we can expect an exodus of at least one group of people just a short from now. the blue angels are still flying overhead. we'll have a wrap-up of this show atite:00. live in san francisco, monty francis, nbc bay area news. >> i'm a little jealous.
for joining us for this special edition of nbc bay area news. we'll bring you complete coverage of the bay's big weekend in just a moment, but we begin tonight with a heartbreaking story on the peninsula. a minivan hit and killed a 6-year-old girl in a parking lot of a church today. her mother and one other adult was also injured at st. andrew's catholic church in daly city. kimberly tere joins us from daly city with more for us. >> reporter: diane, you can see the markers left on the ground by investigators who were here for hours in this parking lot. the accident happened just before 9:00 this morning, just as mass was about to begin, and catechism for the kids was getting under way. so witnesses say the parking lot was very busy. according to daly city police, a woman in her 50s driving a minivan hit a mother, her child, and another woman. all three victims were taken to san francisco general hospital where the 6-year-old girl died. the two women, one 45, the other 46 years old are, still hospitalized tonight. their conditions unknown. parishioners say the accident is very upsetting, an
. but i think osi and mccoy just to get the fans involved. the rivalry games are tough for us. >> congratulations on the win. >> thank you. >> michele, the eagles have now won eight of their last nine against the giants. philly is 3-1, the giants are 2-2. it's important that both of their defeats to dallas and now philadelphia are within the division, as we bring in tony dungy. tony, your initial thoughts on this one? >> well, it was a great game. and i think you have to give andy reid a lot of credit for two things. number one he changed the protection around a little bit in the second half, kept people in and gave vick a little more time. number two, staying with the running game when they didn't have the success, getting it to mccoy. here you see a maximum protection ball that he got to jackson. then michael vick taking a lot of hits early but staying after those and runs on that big last drive. >> tony, a couple of late game strategic questions. one on each side. 15 seconds to go. it was third down when the giants kicked the field goal. the field goal's more than 50 yards.
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9